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Nursing foundation LAB:

The nursing foundation lab is designed to help the students to develop and understand the philosophy, objectives, theories, and process of nursing in various clinical settings. For we have a well-equipped lab with 10 beds. To demonstrate competence in Nursing skills and techniques students should participate, cooperate, and Co-ordinate as a member of the health team in the promotion, prevention and restoration of health.

Anatomy & Physiology Lab

Anatomy education for nursing students emphasizes the clinical relevance of anatomical knowledge. Students learn how anatomy relates to patient assessments, interventions, and the understanding of common health conditions and diseases..

Community Health Nursing Lab

This course is designed for students
to develop the skills and knowledge they need to provide quality care to patients and communities. This laboratory,
equipped with community bags, for learning
bag techniques, and various audio-visual aids related to community health concerns.

Midwifery and obstetrical nursing lab

Midwifery and obstetrical nursing lab is a specialized facility where students learn and practice skills related to maternal and newborn care. This lab typically includes equipment and supplies necessary for performing procedures such as prenatal assessments, vaginal examinations, fetal monitoring, and newborn assessments.



Courses offered by Prashanthi Hospitals

  • BSC Nursing 4 Years Degree
  • DNB post Graduation courses in OBG & pediatrics
  • Fellowship in neonatology
  • Fellowship in neonatal nursing

Eligibility for BSC Nursing

  • BSC (N) Degree Course
  • Age 17 to 35 years
  • Duration: 4 Yrs
  • for boys and girls
  • Eligibility: 10+2 (BIPC)
  • Above 55 % (10+2)
  • MPHW (F) Vocational